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Three advanced techniques modules will guide you how to validate your model and automate simulation runs using Excel VBA. Learn how to define an energy balance for your system, and validate your simulation results against real data.

Assessments will build on the interesting examples developed in the building modelling course, which is a pre-requisite for this course. In the automation methods test you will be guided as how to set up a sensitivity analysis for your model to determine influential parameters.


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You will learn:

  • How to investigate your system using automation techniques.
  • Parametric and sensitivity analysis

The course covers:

1. System validation

Validation techniques are discussed, on a component and system level.

  • How to configure an energy balance
  • How to set up a simulation with user input data to compare simulation results with measured data

Students must configure an energy balance and achieve a maximum of 5% error tolerance. Stidents are provided a set of measured weather and system operating data for the solar DHW system for a one-week period, and must modify the model to output a graph showing modelled versus measured data.

2. Automation techniques

Techniques for automating a simulation are presented and are applied to performing a parametric analysis of a model, simulating multiple similar systems with varying parameters. Integration of other programs with TRNSYS such as Excel VBA is introduced as a means of performing the automation tasks. Students are guided through the process of performing a sensitivity analysis in the test.


– This course requires Intermediate level for TRNSYS. Our combined Introduction to TRNSYS and Building Modelling courses cover the pre-requisites, but it is not necessary to have completed these courses to attend the Advanced Techniques course. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
– Licensed working version of TRNSYS 17 and MS Excel


The course has been compiled by EnergyAE and will be taught by instructors:
Alastair McDowell from EnergyAE
Jeremy Osborne from EnergyAE



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